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Letter from an old friend

You knew I love reading and receiving letters especially from my very close friends, I’ve asked you and another special person before my 18th birthday that I would love to receive a letter from both of you. And you guys did, in that very moment I realized I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You are one of my friends that I treasured the most. I felt loved in those days and I can tell it was the happiest times in my life because I have you as my friend. But it really seems that nothing’s permanent in this world. Happiness is not always into me, and suddenly I’ve lost you as my friend.

Now that we’re not like before I’d like you to know that I’m always missing you and sometimes, I became emotional and cry at times whenever I talk about you. Also, I’m still reading your old letter for me and to be honest, I just read it today and it brings back a lot of memories and somehow I felt guilty for some reason. Hay… anyways I know you will not be able to read this shit but if ever, I want to say sorry for all and I reallllyyy missed you!

p.s. at bakit nga ba ko nag english dito? hahaha. Basta K, di mo alam gaano kita namimiss 😞 mas masakit pa sa heartbreak ang pagtatapos ng friendship natin. Nahihirapan pa rin ako kahit matagal na din! akala ko okay na ko.


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